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Contemplative Gatherings
Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina is a way of reading the Bible that helps us return to the more ancient understanding of the sacredness of the inspired text found in God's Word. In practicing lectio divina we learn to love the text itself by reading it reflectively, lingering over the words, and letting them touch the depths of our hearts. This is done by reading very slowly a scripture passage from three different translations and allowing the Holy Spirit to touch our heart with a word or phrase. Prayerfully reflecting on the passage allows the Spirit to bring to our awareness God's message for our life.
Centering Prayer

Time spent in Centering Prayer is time dedicated exclusively to God and love. You come most fully to that place where you brush up against the mystery of God--the frontier within you where your thoughts, opinions, and beliefs suddenly become tiny in relation to the vast, awe-inspiring presence of God. It is a period of twenty-minute silence (or more) within which we come to experience the peace that leads us to love God with all of our heart and soul and then love others as ourselves.
Body Prayer

It's possible for prayer to become simply routine. Head-oriented prayer can sometimes focus solely on getting the words just right.  Body prayer helps us become fully engaged in prayer while connecting with God without words.  By practicing various postures of prayer, many of them modeled in Scripture, we open our lives more fully to God. 
Taize Prayer

The Taize Community and its Worship has a strong devotion to peace and justice which is reflected in the prayer and scripture readings. The songs and psalms are sung as a musical form of prayer and are repeated many times over as a chant.  The hope is that we will find the repetition helpful and allow the words to become a prayer of our hearts.
Contemplative gatherings are typically held on Tuesdays from 7:15 to 8:30 PM. 
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